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So I’m gonna share things about me randomly.

I’m Ja. I’m 16 and a full blooded Filipina. An incoming freshman student and about to take Bachelor of Science in Accountancy starting next semester. I’m a member of Iglesia Ni Cristo. I’m from Nueva Ecija.

I don’t actually love writing, so why made tumblr? All of my sisters have their own accounts for almost a year now and they’ve been encouraging me to make one for so long since I have a lot of love stories to share and they don’t. Wahaha. Anyway, I’m Russel’s other half. LOL. Kidding. We’re on M.U. stage and this is somehow the main reason why I made this account. To share and make you guys envy us. Haha. Okay keep calm, I’m just kidding. So there. Just read. I suck on writing so don’t expect a lot. Godbless everyone. Have fun blogging! :)